The Next Best Studio Is In Rockland County

Bouget one of founding owners takes a business call from one of his artist.


The next best Studio is hidden in Rockland County. Three influential founders that have contributed to the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) Emanuel Bouget Michel (Song Writer) and brothers Guy Jean-Luis (International Dj Cool G) and Klassque Jean-Louis former pianist and singer of group ZIN have put their heads together to open “OG Studios”.   Although the Studio has only opened its doors to the public 3 months ago OG Studios has big plans for the musical industry as a hold. Kompa Original asked what makes their studio different from the rest?  Together their answer was “they’re a One Stop Shop” whom will work on the development of tracks from start to end, the development of performance and interaction with the fans and last promotions of their artist. The partners of OG Studios strongly believe in creating events to showcase their artist.  July 21, 2018 OG Studios will host an event featuring their artist Hip Hop Rapper 6ix 9ine”

To be continued..  Article coming soon “The next best Studio”

OG Studios is Open for Business
OG Studios is open for business.

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  1. Greetings,

    My name is RENÉ Guemps, I am the label director of Negre Marron Records, an independent digital label that distribute Haitian musics over the internet.

    I read your aritcle titled “THE NEXT BEST STUDIO IS IN ROCKLAND COUNTY” I was wondering How do I get in contact with OG Studios regarding production of tracks?

    For more information you can reach me at negre.marron.records@gmail.com. Any amount of info will be grateful.

    Thank you

    • Greeting,

      I forwarded your information last week to OG Studios please let me know if you have been contacted so that I may reach out to them in your behalf.

      Chantal L.

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