Michael Guirrand

April 19, 2018

Vyab Album is out of the lab and available this Friday.

The wait is finally over and the fans can hold their CD in their hand or now with technology purchase and download their copy through iTunes or Google Play. As a new band Vyab faced pressure from the fans and the HMI to release an album. Vyab has been traveling the world since summer and building their fan base performing in major festivals. However that hasn’t stopped critics from critiquing the band from in the beginning stating that they shouldn’t be touring without an album. It’s hard to see the depth and quality of a band without a “Studio Album” present.

Michael Guirrand had a major role in Carimi. his voice was associated with many songs in Carimi’s repertoire. Carimi fans have been eager for a Vyab album to be released to compare the two bands Carimi and Vyab as fans did with Kai and Carimi Not to mention Shedley Abraham of Vyab has had great success producing many volumes of Djazz La albums with several artist of the industry. Many are awaiting to see if Vyab will have any guest artist on its first album. The wait and the suspense is over. April 20, 2018 Vyab will release its albums for the industry and shock the world and their fans with their creativity. #VyabGO

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