May 5, 2018

The release of “Devotion” in NYC

T- Joe aka Joseph Zenny Jr, LouLou aka Lhoman Jean and TMD TMD and held a listening party at Meli Melo in Valley Stream, NY April 26, 2018 introducing their new album “Devotion” to media and close friends of the industry. Devotion has 8 great singles that their fans will appreciate. T- Joe spoke on behalf of the band and announced their new strategy that they plan to implement going forward. Kreyol La will release an album every year around October, as older bands have done in the past in the early 60’s -90’s. T-Joe stated if this is implemented the Haitian Musical Culture could never be at a pause and fans wouldn’t feel as if their favorite bands are not producing. In the long run each band now has a resume and repertoire of music to be able to tour and travel. T-Joe’s goal is to have a strategy that will force bands to create albums, producing hit singles.

Friday April 27, 2018 Kreyol La’s Album was released on ITunes and has been successful. The video “Mwen Pou Kom” was released months before the album creating anticipation of what is to come from the overall “Devotion” album. “Mwen Pou Kom” Is quickly moving up the musical charts and will be a categorized as a “Classic” for years to come.


Written by Chantal Laventure

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