June 25, 2018

Haitian Labor Day Fest Kickoff Bal: KLASS, Harmonik, Kai

Venus International Productions & Belvedere Entertainment presents the Haitian Labor Day Fest Kickoff Party featuring KLASS! Harmonik! & Kai! at the Robert Treat Hotel on Saturday, September 1st in Newark, New Jersey. Intermission by DJ Smoy.
General admission: $40 in advance
VIP Admission: $70 in advance

June 25, 2018 2

April 22, 2018

It’s official Vyab is out the Lab.

Lyrics – Game Over

It’s official Vyab is out the Lab. Album was released at midnight on April 20, 2018. Fans began immediately purchasing the long awaited album on iTunes. It has been 24hrs since the release and fanatics are ecstatic about the album and the official video “Game Over”.

Vyab held a Listening party April 19, 2018 at Meli Melo located in Valley Stream NY. Vyab officially introduced the members of the band and discussed the concept of each song. Media, Press and close family and friends of the band were able to see the first the official video for “Game Over”.

The album has 14 singles. Game Over is the type of the album you wouldn’t skip a song. Hence… The comparison is Vyab a knock off of Carimi? Can Vyab hold a light to Richard Cave and KAI? These are the questions that fans have been asking and awaiting to find out. “The Wait Is Over” the answer is…Honestly when you see Micheal Guiraind your first thought will always be Carimi. It is the same as when you say NSYNC you will always think of Justin Timberlake or Lionel Richie he is automatically associated with the Commodores and now American Idol. The point is Micheal Guiraind’s Name is a headliner. His name is a brand. Carimi is where he developed his talent and career although he started with Kdans. Game Over is definitely not Carimi nor resembles KAI.

VYAB brings a different flavor to the Haitian Music Industry and has the capability of crossing over if managed properly. Game Over also shows Micheal Guirand’s musical growth, which is expected after all he works along side Shedley Abraham who has been known to bring out hidden talent in artist. Not to mention the members in Vyab are heavy hitters diverse and talented. This album definitely brings a different flavor and also raises the bar for others to follow. There is no doubt “Game Over” will hold their weight on the top of the music charts.

By Chantal Laventure

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