September 24, 2018

Fairwell “Belle Kord” aka Kevin Guippe

Saturday September 15, 2018 Belle Kord aka Kevin Guippe sadly announced to his fans at a live performance in West Palm Beach Florida that he would be leaving Klass. Kevin made the overall announcement his last week during rehearsal to his band mates that he would be leaving the band due to financial obligations to his family. Although he is a musician first he is a Father, which has taken priority over his musical career. Kevin Guippe has expressed that he has missed several birthdays and family occasions due to him being on the road with Klass.  Kevin has been with the band since 2012 and was a valuable member musically with his distinguished attributes as a guitarist. Hence how he got his nickname “Belle Kord” (translated in English “Beautiful Strings”)

Since “Belle Kord’s” announcement of leaving the music industry it has struck many conversations within the HMI such as ”How is the pay”?,  “Is there health and life insurance”? , “Is it profitable as musician or artist in the HMI”?  and “Can a musician’s salary pay his or her bills”? There have been many debates on this topic prior, however with a successful band such as Klass the topic has resurfaced.   The HMI has produced many successful musicians in the public eye such at Sweet Micky, T-Vice, Wycleff Jean, Dadou Pasquet, Yves Joseph of Tabou, Combo, Fabrice Rouzier, Edie Francois and Beethova Obas to name just a few that have made successful living as Haitian musicians. When you view the success of these artists it brings up the question “Is Management really looking out for their Artist”?

Sad to say quietly we have heard sad stories such as “Go Fund Me” being created as a supplement to assist artist medical needs. Recently this past March of 2018 Yole Derose is an example of this case after she was announced with Myeloma with AL Amyloidosis, an immune and a blood disorder. Which brought up several questions and again went quiet.

Friday September 21, 2018 Klass appeared Live on stage at Brasserie Creole in Cambria Heights, NY without Belle Kord. Although Kevin’s presence wasn’t on stage His bandmates carried out a great performance with out him and he was deeply missed by his fans.  It will be hard for someone to fill in the shoes of Kevin Guippe.  Perhaps Belle Kord will make surprise guest appearances. In the meantime with “El Pozo” present Klass can continue to say “Klass It IS Baby”!  Perhaps Belle Kord will make quest appearances, one can only hope.  Kompa Original wishes Belle Kord luck and success in his next endeavours in addition to his life legacy.

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April 19, 2018

Vyab Album is out of the lab and available this Friday.

The wait is finally over and the fans can hold their CD in their hand or now with technology purchase and download their copy through iTunes or Google Play. As a new band Vyab faced pressure from the fans and the HMI to release an album. Vyab has been traveling the world since summer and building their fan base performing in major festivals. However that hasn’t stopped critics from critiquing the band from in the beginning stating that they shouldn’t be touring without an album. It’s hard to see the depth and quality of a band without a “Studio Album” present.

Michael Guirrand had a major role in Carimi. his voice was associated with many songs in Carimi’s repertoire. Carimi fans have been eager for a Vyab album to be released to compare the two bands Carimi and Vyab as fans did with Kai and Carimi Not to mention Shedley Abraham of Vyab has had great success producing many volumes of Djazz La albums with several artist of the industry. Many are awaiting to see if Vyab will have any guest artist on its first album. The wait and the suspense is over. April 20, 2018 Vyab will release its albums for the industry and shock the world and their fans with their creativity. #VyabGO

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