Enzili Danto

July 15, 2018

Haiti’s true character is Strong , Bold and Beautiful 

HAITI! Has always been in American History. However Haiti’s true contribution to American History has always been kept silent and edited in a format of a need to know basis. They basically ‘”Don’t want you to know Haiti’s true contribution to history.” Haiti is introduced to the world as the poorest country in the world. However they failed to mention how the poorest country in the world was behind what is known to be one of the strongest countries in the world ‘The United States of America.

To have full self confidence in your history is to know your worth, your history and where you really come from. Rock Newman brought Tariq Nasheed creator of documentary 1804 and Ezili Danto to discuss in depth the Hidden story and history of Hait’s triumph over slavery.   This is a must see please watch it with our youth. Enjoy.