September 18, 2018

Naomi Osaka takes down Serena Williams with a “Grand Slam” at the US Open

It is with extreme pleasure that Kompa Original personally congratulates Naomi Osaka on her Champion Win at the US Open Saturday September 8, 2018.  Naomi played against Serena Williams and won by a grand slam.  The match had controversy due to Serena William’s verbal dispute with the umpire Carlos Ramos.   Many wonder if Serena and Ramos weren’t exchanging words would Osaka have walked away with the Cup.   The answer is her track record of wins speaks for itself.  Her fines and style backs it up and her trophy frames the beginning of her success as a Champion.


The game was emotional for Osaka as she played her childhood idol, unto which she wrote a report on in the third grade at Elmont Alden Terrace Primary School in Long Island, NY. Osaka defeated Williams 6-2, 6-4 to claim a historic victory of her career, becoming the first Japanese Haitian woman to win a Grand Slam final. However not in her wildest dreams is this the way Osaka wanted nor imagined she would beat her idol.  Before the game as she began to play her words to Serena was “I Love You”.  The victory of Osaka’s Pro Career at the Arthur Ashe Stadium was greeted by a stadium booing.  Emotional Osaka cried and later apologized for her Championship Victory.  I promise you this is not the last time you hear the name Osaka…. She was raised for this moment and has proclaimed her spot on her platform and now will step into her legacy.


To place a bow on top of Naomi Osaka’s win at the US Open Osaka signed an $8.5 Million endorsement with Adidas, the largest amount Adidas has offered to a woman athlete.  Although she has been offered more then any other female athlete it is sill less then what is offered to a male athlete.  Hence still a great achievement for the 20-year-old champion.


Kompa Original would also like to take a moment to congratulate Leonard Francois known to the world, however personally know to Kompa Original as Maxime Francois a scriptwriter and a filmmaker whom once upon a long time ago took a chance on Kompa Original and CO-Produced and filmed Live Wire a Show produced by Kompa Original.  Maxime is one of the few whom raised me as a media personality. Maxim I couldn’t be more proud for you and your family especially Naiomi.  For those whom doesn’t know Maxime always puts his family first. Then he talked about the importance of being a champion his words for your children.  I always remember conversations and laugh and shake my head. However today I can say, Maxime just followed God’s plan.  He once told me while editing… you watch and see I will have the next Serena and Venus. Perseverance and your dreams can come true he is living proof.  As for his friends you could come to him with any idea he would never laugh nor turn you away.  He would smile with his warm big smile and say lets see how we going to do this.  Again Congratulations to the Osaka and Francois family!

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July 16, 2018

Congratulations France and Kiliyan Mbappé Lottin

France can thank

for his winning goal that made FIFA History July 15, 2018 and gained France the World Cup. Mbappe 19yrs old is the first teenage player since Pele to score the World Cup final. His left-foot strike will be re-played and talked about for centuries. The interesting dynamics about this years team representing France for 2018 is 80% of the players are of African decent.  Africa has never made it to FIFA’s World Cup. Egypt is the only successful team of the Continent to win Africa’s Cup multiple times yet still not successful to make it to FIFA’s lineup.   2018 many celebrate “The World Cup Championship” Africa on the other hand is boasting of pride. Lets see what the next four years will bring to the field.  Will Africa celebrate the next win?

The winning goal

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