September 18, 2018

OG Studios Rockland Count’s Hidden Secret (Continued…)

OG Studios is open for business.
OG Studios is Open for Business
Bouget one of founding owners takes a business call from one of his artist.

Two months ago Kompa Original had the pleasure of sitting down with Emanuel Bouget Michel owner and spokesperson of OG Studios.  5 Months ago was the  “Grand Opening” before they officially opened their doors to the public.  In the meantime OG Studios has been working on projects with their artist for a little over a year.

When Kompa Original asked Bouget, “How“OG Studios come up with the name”? Bouget replied “OG Studios is named after Roland Louis-Jean Kassique’s Dad.  He was a great man and the head of our family and responsible for helping the family migrate to the United Stated from Haiti.  His Co-workers gave him the nickname “OG” whenever he was called OG he would smile and the name stuck with him and the family started calling him OG as well.  Our family will always be forever grateful so in his honor we named the studio after him”.

Although there are three owners when you say OG Studios The to go person is Bouget?  Kompa Original asked Bouget “Who exactly is Bouget”? Unto which he replied,  “A lot of people think Bouget is a nickname.  My name is Emanuel Bouget Michel.  I have other brother and sisters however my father told me when I was born everything fell into place and that is how I got the name Bouget.  When it comes to business everything I do is successful so I am well known by many as Bouget. “

Kompa Original asked Bouget How did he get into music?  Bouget replied with a huge smile that reached from ear to ear.  “Music is in my soul.  I started music at the age of 13.  We started a group named Maximum Raga in Haiti.  I wrote  a lot of the songs.  This is where my love for song writing began.  “Nan Ou Mem” was one of our hits.  My uncle Sergo Louis Jean former musician of “Rosinyiol nwa” de Port-au-prince and guitarist of Coupe Claude gave us our first push by playing guitar on our first single.  We were good, when I look back I am happy but disappointed we could have been successful if we all took it seriously and had the proper management.  Rap Kreyol was in its prime and we would’ve been pioneers by now.”

“I used to be a sound engineer because of my uncle association with music the Sound of Engineers of his band used to teach me and train me and put me to work since I was going to hang around.  I learned a lot from them and developed an ear for music.  I can listen to a track of any genre and tell you if it will be a hit. ‘

Last Kompa Original asked Bouget  “What are your plans for OG Studio’s  Bouget answered, “My plans for OG Studio’s is to be a major contributor in the music industry producing meaningful music.  Music has lost its values through out the years, the sound is the same and some of the lyrics don’t make any sense.  With the experience of my partners and I, we will produce great music.  Our future is bright watch out for us I am sure you will see us in the audience at the Grammy’s first OG Studio’s next OG Tunes.”





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July 16, 2018

The Next Best Studio Is In Rockland County


The next best Studio is hidden in Rockland County. Three influential founders that have contributed to the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) Emanuel Bouget Michel (Song Writer) and brothers Guy Jean-Luis (International Dj Cool G) and Klassque Jean-Louis former pianist and singer of group ZIN have put their heads together to open “OG Studios”.   Although the Studio has only opened its doors to the public 3 months ago OG Studios has big plans for the musical industry as a hold. Kompa Original asked what makes their studio different from the rest?  Together their answer was “they’re a One Stop Shop” whom will work on the development of tracks from start to end, the development of performance and interaction with the fans and last promotions of their artist. The partners of OG Studios strongly believe in creating events to showcase their artist.  July 21, 2018 OG Studios will host an event featuring their artist Hip Hop Rapper 6ix 9ine”

To be continued..  Article coming soon “The next best Studio”

OG Studios is Open for Business
OG Studios is open for business.

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July 15, 2018

Haiti’s true character is Strong , Bold and Beautiful 

HAITI! Has always been in American History. However Haiti’s true contribution to American History has always been kept silent and edited in a format of a need to know basis. They basically ‘”Don’t want you to know Haiti’s true contribution to history.” Haiti is introduced to the world as the poorest country in the world. However they failed to mention how the poorest country in the world was behind what is known to be one of the strongest countries in the world ‘The United States of America.

To have full self confidence in your history is to know your worth, your history and where you really come from. Rock Newman brought Tariq Nasheed creator of documentary 1804 and Ezili Danto to discuss in depth the Hidden story and history of Hait’s triumph over slavery.   This is a must see please watch it with our youth. Enjoy.



April 22, 2018

It’s official Vyab is out the Lab.

Lyrics – Game Over

It’s official Vyab is out the Lab. Album was released at midnight on April 20, 2018. Fans began immediately purchasing the long awaited album on iTunes. It has been 24hrs since the release and fanatics are ecstatic about the album and the official video “Game Over”.

Vyab held a Listening party April 19, 2018 at Meli Melo located in Valley Stream NY. Vyab officially introduced the members of the band and discussed the concept of each song. Media, Press and close family and friends of the band were able to see the first the official video for “Game Over”.

The album has 14 singles. Game Over is the type of the album you wouldn’t skip a song. Hence… The comparison is Vyab a knock off of Carimi? Can Vyab hold a light to Richard Cave and KAI? These are the questions that fans have been asking and awaiting to find out. “The Wait Is Over” the answer is…Honestly when you see Micheal Guiraind your first thought will always be Carimi. It is the same as when you say NSYNC you will always think of Justin Timberlake or Lionel Richie he is automatically associated with the Commodores and now American Idol. The point is Micheal Guiraind’s Name is a headliner. His name is a brand. Carimi is where he developed his talent and career although he started with Kdans. Game Over is definitely not Carimi nor resembles KAI.

VYAB brings a different flavor to the Haitian Music Industry and has the capability of crossing over if managed properly. Game Over also shows Micheal Guirand’s musical growth, which is expected after all he works along side Shedley Abraham who has been known to bring out hidden talent in artist. Not to mention the members in Vyab are heavy hitters diverse and talented. This album definitely brings a different flavor and also raises the bar for others to follow. There is no doubt “Game Over” will hold their weight on the top of the music charts.

By Chantal Laventure

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